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Holy Stone

Holy Stone HS720R

Holy Stone HS720R


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Jason K.
Complete drone beginner

I've flown R/C for decades but this was my first drone. VERY beginner friendly. Intuitive software and all batteries included.
An extra flight battery was a bit expensive, but worth it to extend the fun on good flight days and for practice.
The charging time is long (coming from the R/C hobby side) but the flight time per battery is amazing.
The only negatives I have could possibly be taken care of with some settings in the software:
1) It goes up fairly quickly, but takes FOREVER to come back down from higher altitudes.
2) Panning side to side (when looking at the video) is awfully fast and abrupt. AGAIN, my first drone, I might need to learn to be much softer in the sticks.

Overall, I was so happy with the first few flights, I bought one for my 80+ dad to learn on and fly over and film his farmland.

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