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Teledyne FLIR

FLIR ONE® Edge Pro | Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity for iOS® and Android™ Smart Devices

FLIR ONE® Edge Pro | Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity for iOS® and Android™ Smart Devices


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A high-quality professional tool for a reasonable price, useful for amateurs

I bought an IR camera awhile back, and returned it because it was too hard to tell what was going in just the infrared spectrum.

I can't say enough good things about this device. It's a little tiny light box that attaches to the end of your cellphone, so that you can see on your screen the infrared image with what is basically a line drawing of your visible light image superimposed so you know what you are looking at.

You can walk around a space and, in real time, see what's hot and cold. There is a point in the center of the image that tells you the temperature of whatever it's aimed at, in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

So, for example, you can see right through your walls to the studs and braces, and whether there is insulation or not. The other day, I thought I smelled smoke--I took out the FLIR, and within seconds, spotted some equipment behind some stuff on a shelf that had accidentally been turned on, with other stuff blocking the vents. It was over 100 degrees--which I could see immediately on the screen. I doubt it would have caused a fire but it would have ruined the equipment had I not seen it instantly because of this device.

When I installed a window air conditioner, I was able to see immediately where the exhaust was going in a meaningful way so that I didn't have to guess. I can see just how much heat different appliances radiate in "vampire" mode. The uses of this thing are unlimited.

The price has finally come down to where it's possible for the average consumer to own one. I'm in love with this device. It's very easy to use, too, no real learning curve.

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