Liability Disclaimer

Silverlight Optics, its directors, owners or staff are not responsible for any damage, injury, or warranty claim that occurs with or in connection with the sale of any of our products. The systems and equipment we sell requires careful training and preparation to use safely. Do not use these products if you are not properly trained or qualified, or are unsure of the equipment. Silverlight Optics, its directors, owners, or staff do not assume responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury due to the use or misuse of the products we sell. Please be aware that the purchaser/operator assumes all liability, including but not limited to: damage to property or persons from the products; improper use of the products; any indirect or consequential damage related to the use of the product; damage to the products themselves; and the purchaser/operator assumes responsibility for: ensuring proper configuration, (including Wi-Fi configuration), and maintenance of the equipment; and complying with all local and federal laws which may regulate the use of this equipment in their area. It is highly recommended that the purchaser and/or operator have proper liability insurance coverage in force at all times in the event that their use of the UAV damages property or hurts a person or other living creature.